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Gatsbys American Dream
July 13, 2005 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
by Melissa Mueller

After listening to radio-friendly and epic album
Volcano by Gatsbys American Dream, the last thing you would expect at their live show was a full-fledged, restless moshpit. Yet at El Corazon on Wednesday night, Gatsbys fans proved that they were tough and were not about to stand idly by while the band ripped through their songs with furious energy.

The band opened with the best song on
Volcano, classic staple "The Loosing of the Shadow." Lead singer Nic Newsham barely had time to sing the words before the audience sang them for him: "How could you understand? The way I feel about God?!" They screamed in unison as the song kicked up the bass and kicked into gear. Afterwards, the band shifted to the first two songs on their album, "Theatre," and the undeniably infectious "Pompeii."

The band made sure to let their appreciation known, by stating, “This is our fucking town and you kids are the fucking coolest kids ever,” as fans screamed out song titles for them to play. "Play 'Where Shadows Lie!'" one kid demanded, and Newsham laughed right before the band started to play the song. One person actually got up on stage and sang along with Newsham like a giddy fan, right before Newsham pushed him back into the raging pushpit below. The band played several of their older songs from
Why We Fight and Ribbons and Sugar which pleased the crowd, but the audience was genuinely excited to hear songs like "Fable" off of Volcano and sang along verbatim.

Gatsbys played a good mix of older songs and the highlights off their latest album. This show without a doubt displayed the band's underground notoriety, and judging by the reaction of everyone in attendance, the band has only just begun to show the world what they can do.