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Get Hustle
Rolliní in the Ruins
by Katie Sauro

Maybe itís because they were picked on in school, maybe itís because they never quite developed out of that awkward puberty stage, but either way, those held down their entire lives by awkwardly atonal voices have decided to fight backóand what better way to do so than to become a frontman in a band? 

Several new bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Wolf  Parade, among others, have employed strong, albeit off-key, lead singers, and even though the braying is hard to take at first, it starts to grow on you. This is the case with Get Hustle. However, unlike the aforementioned bands, Get Hustle has been at it for about nine years. 

And by ďat it,Ē Iím referring to their distinct creation of completely unmelodic noise-rock fused with Valentine Falconís vocals, an intermingling of squeals, shrieks, and screams, sounding a little like an exaggerated impersonation of Jack White, or possibly Robert Plant. Underlying all this are explosive drums and electric piano, resulting in trippy Ď60s psychedelia. 

Get Hustleís experimental sound is refreshing, something different and untraditional, certainly not generic by any means. Be forewarned, however, that those of you accustomed to songs with actual melodies or accustomed to bands with frontmen that can carry a tune, may be turned off. But if you give the record a chance, it will start to grow on you after a few spins. Guaranteed.

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