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editor's note
Grace Sims
Panoramic View
by Christopher Patterson

Coming out of the cracks of Las Vegas, NV, Grace Sims immediately presents herself as a passive and carefree singer, one who doesn’t mind filling in lyrics with hums and “dat-da-dat”s. Her voice is felt like an incipient fragrance in the song “Crazy,” where she delivers something so commonly missing in contemporary music—genuine sincerity. Just the way the word “crazy” slips from her teeth delivers a potent affect on the listener that leaves them biting their nails for her to repeat it.

The album itself seems to be about a passionate relationship, beginning with a celebration of the small enjoyments of love, leading to a totally enamored love affair and finally ending with an alienated sense of fatal separation, which she foreshadows in the line: “What happens next if I can’t make you care?” Sims' talent as a songwriter and singer is intimidating, though besides her ballad “Crazy," she seems afraid to take that extra step in development that would give her music a poignant, powerful depth. Unlike similar singers like Jewel, who will burst into spoken word in the middle of a song to express her sentiments, or Kate Bush and Alanis Morissette, who both delight in a rougher, jittered type of singing, Sims keeps her range and vocal tone within the limits, and in that sense the listener always feels at arms length. Further, emotion is a feeling, not a style. Sims has plenty of emotion yet her style seems to be struggling for breath below the “poppy” outlet of conventional singing. The singer has yet to reveal her naked, quirky self, though the songs on this album stand as quiet and honest sentiments in that direction. 

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