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Greg Joseph
American Diary
by Betsy Ellison

Pittsburgh is home to many good things: the 2006 Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, some really nice bridges, the Andy Warhol museum, a huge statue of baseball player/humanitarian Roberto Clemente. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh isn't cool. Maybe it's the really bad Iron City Beer, maybe it's the fact that it's like a little brother to Philadelphia, maybe it's the fact that all of the professional sports teams have the same colors. I'm not really sure why Pittsburgh isn't cool, all I know is that it's not. But while it's not cool, Pittsburgh is still one of the greatest cities in the United States. It's nice. It's comfortable. And it's home to Greg Joseph, a singer-songwriter type who also doesn't appear to be that cool. Joseph is a member of the band The Clarks, and
American Diary is his first solo album. He's a talented musician, he has a nice voice, he writes good songs. It's very poppy, very catchy, but nothing really all that exciting. In this case, that's not a bad thing. He's not trying to go out on any limbs, he's just trying to play the music he wants to play. Listening to this album is like eating comfort food—it’s not the most interesting thing, but it makes you feel better. I would recommend this album to anyone who's a fan of bands like Barenaked Ladies, as this album reminded me a lot of them.