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August 5, 2006 - The Crocodile - Seattle, WA
by Katie Sauro

The constantly revolving lineup that was so commonplace during Pedro the Lionís nearly ten-year run has finally claimed its fearless leader. Thatís right, as Iím sure everyone already knows, David Bazan has officially retired Pedroóa crushing blow to loyal fans everywhere, including myself. Since I started going to shows at 14, Iíve seen the masterful Bazan at least 20 times, including my first Crocodile show with openers T.W. Walsh and Damien Jurado. *Sigh* Those were the daysÖ

But Bazan is far from finished. In fact, now that heís freed himself from the shackles of his mostly-one-man-band, he seems to have breathed new life into his career, focusing solely on Headphones. Once a mere side-project, Bazanís synth-oriented band has already gained a cult following similar to that of Pedro the Lionóhell, that probably even includes Christians. Not a fan of Bazanís dour electro-pop? No worries, thereís no way heís giving up his dour acoustic roots, having recently released his debut solo EP entitled
Fewer Moving Parts. A full-length solo record is due out sometime next year on Jade Tree.

So never fear, Pedro fans! Your beloved David Bazan continues to thrive in the Seattle scene, and if history has any bearing, heíll be around for quite a while.

Essential Info.
The Venue: Crocodile
The Support: Panda & Angel, S
The Date: August 5th
The Time: 9pm doors
The Price: $8 advance/$10 dos
The Catch: 21+