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June 15, 2007 - IslandWood School - Bainbridge Island, WA
by Ashley Graham

Nestled deep in the woods on Bainbridge Island, away from all signs of the life of our familiar Seattle music scene, and amidst a pack of wacky-ass hippy men, women and children, we experienced Spokane’s (?) Hockey for the first time in a setting like no other (and note: not in one of those “once in a lifetime opportunity!!” sort of ways, neitha’--though perhaps it was…).

Thing is, Hockey had us from the start. The tracks currently playing at their MySpace are some of the most mood-pickin’-up we’ve heard in forever (“Half a Chance,” personal favorite). Doesn’t hurt that the band has garnered some serious media praise since their relocation from Los Angeles to Spokane earlier this year (lord knows we keep up on the serious Spokane media praise). Doesn’t hurt that their semi-recently-added drummer is none other than one of our favorite people ever, Anthony Stassi, of fellow Spokane band Seaweed Jack.

Pressure in place there amongst the trees, the mosquitoes, the frolicking forest people, Hockey surely did not disappoint. Stassi could, of course, be nothing but fantastic, while his new group of sidekicks kept attention with loveable banter, goofy goggles, sweet, sweet moves from an unlikely source (hullo, bass player who doesn’t annoy the hell out of us--check the MySpace video for proof), sliding about on the slippery ‘n’ shiny cement floor and some downright fucking GOOD music.

Hockey has a handful of dates coming up in Spokane (including July 13 at Empyrean and July 14 at the Big Easy, at which this fan will be in attendance), and hopefully making it west in the semi-near future.

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