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Honor By August
Drowning Out the Television
by Betsy Ellison

According to their press release, Honor By August have powerful songs, dynamic live performances and a one-of-a-kind voice. Now, I can't comment on their live performances, as the only time I've ever heard them is on CD, but I'm not hearing the powerful songs or the one-of-a-kind voice. These guys hail from Washington, DC and won a slot opening for Bon Jovi when they played at the MCI Center in DC last December. Opening for the watered-down carcass of Bon Jovi is as close as these guys get to rocking. The CD is so overproduced, or the band is so scared of making a wave, that even what should be hard-hitting guitar solos are wussy little riffs, begging to have the volume turned up. The thing is, the music industry is already saturated with bands that sound exactly like these guys, and no more of this type of crap needs to exist. Their music is totally some sort of middle of the road, VH1 type of stuff. Maybe if they're lucky, some of these songs will be played as background music on
The Surreal Life, but I think that's all these guys can hope for.