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editor's note
Hot Chip
The Warning
by Christopher Patterson

Hop Chip is, in every sense, a British techno rock band. Their music has been featured as much in dance games as in video games, and their synthesizer's repetitious sound is similar to other UK phenomena, emerging like a mix between Prodigy and the new dance wave of Franz Ferdinand.

The band is staggeringly European. The hard techno beats will most likely go unappreciated by American audiences, and many of the "UK hit singles" on the album raise the familiar eyebrow that techno music has so often engendered in listeners. Songs like "Over and Over" are the apex of the band's ability to be repetitious as well as irreverent in their lyrics: "Over and over like a monkey with a miniature symbol."

Other hits from the album like "Boy From School" and "(Just Like We) Breakdown" (remixed by DFA) feature the same type of techno, but with impressive mixing and melody, keeping in line with quintessential examples of British dance. There are moments in the album when the spirit and composition rises to the level of Isolee or Aphex Twin, and the album's overall quiddity is a feeling of serenity, a sensation that fits perfectly as the white-noise of a coffee shop or small club.