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Iceage Cobra CD Release Shows
October 13 - The Sunset Tavern w/ The Cops, Thee Emergency
October 14 - The Paradox w/ Ms. Led

by Ashley Graham

Seattle, you are one lucky biatch this week, what with the release celebrations of not one but TWO great bands from yr neck of the woods. And this bandís even haviní two shows! Friday serves the old folks, while Saturday stirs up the kiddos. Itís true Iceage Cobra isnít quite a Seattle original, but theyíve surely been embraced by the likes of all types of Seattle music fans--from the indie snobs to those more inclined toward their hard rockiní roots.

We all know Iím a fan of the loud-as-fuck rockers, but Iím ESPECIALLY a fan of these ones because they hail from none other than my hometown, Spokane, WA. Nothing more needs to be said, as all kinds of awesomeness can now be assumed.

Catch these fellas at their back to back dates this weekend in celebration of the release of their new disc
Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People.

Essential Info.

The Venue: Sunset Tavern
The Support: The Cops, Thee Emergency
The Date: October 13
The Time: 9pm 
The Price: $8
The Catch: 21+

Essential Info.
The Venue: The Paradox
The Support: Ms. Led
The Date: October 14
The Time: 7:30pm
The Price: $8