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Iceage Cobra
October 13, 2006 - The Sunset Tavern - Seattle, WA
by Dagmar Patterson

Iceage Cobra proves that sometimes things fall into place perfectly in rock. When you find a local band you would gladly die for, and you know you can see them often--do you take that for granted? Maybe. Probably not. Because you know they will leave you, and you want them to be happy and, wait--this isn't some sort of impending breakup advice, it's meant to be a review of the band I am talking about & their cd release party.

There was an ice cream cake with the band's cover design on it that suffered a sad end (something to do with the lack of a working freezer). There were people packed as a sweaty mass in the Sunset Tavern, with its red walls and strange ability to expand. Whatever the situation, and I have seen them play several venues, they make themselves at home. This is rare, and this may sound like a rather dubious compliment, but Iceage Cobra sounds great when I might be a bit tipsy, and they sound great when I am sober. Some bands aren't capable of that--it's just a fact.

A trio that formed in Spokane, they moved to Seattle in September 2005. What Spokane lost, we gained. They've become what Seattle music should be. Or perhaps they have made it what Seattle music should be. In any case, there is no doubting their musical ability and let's praise the fortune that they use these gifts to play titanic music.

Singer/guitarist Jordan West backed up his classic speed and power with high kicks and leaps--he was an energetic bolt of lightning--Metch Brasch on drums/vocals was a deadly drummer--and Brad Kaufmann, bass/vocals, swept across the neck of a bass with greatness. And they all sang, well at that. They are a top act.

They pulled people in to see them from all over a city that generally sticks to its neighborhoods. The songs, including the anthemic "Dance Floor’s on Fire" and "Tornado of Knives," purely rock.  And groove. I cannot say too many good things about this band.
They will love me and leave me, I know and accept that. It  has to be an open relationship.

Iceage Cobra begins a tour on October 29th that will take them from Spokane to New York City, then back through Austin to Portland. Their debut cd
Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People can be purchased at CD Baby & Sonic Boom Records.