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Catching Up with Innaway
Innaway's Brit-rock-via-SoCal rocks Seattle and blows its competition away
by Chris Mulally
December 11, 2005

While singer Ian McCulloch of headlining band, Echo and the Bunnymen, spent the majority of their flat set talking to the monitors guy at Neumos, asking him to turn up and down, openers Innaway stole the show, getting the best response they have gotten yet on tour with the ‘70s and ‘80s experimental rock band.

Right now, Innaway, a Southern California Brit rock band are doing some of the greatest stuff of their short career, trying out new percussive elements, changing their songs up more, and really just trying to predict the new wave of rock and roll.

“All of us definitely love British music,” says Jim Schwartz, the singer and guitarist for Innaway, who was able to sit down for a couple minutes after soundcheck to talk about his band and what makes it different. “At first British music took American music and made it [its] own. Now, we are taking British music and making it our own. You could almost put it in a category with Coldplay, but with a little bit more edge.”

Schwartz says it has been tough opening for Echo and the Bunnymen, who have a strange, 30-something business-goth cult-following packing their shows. Neumos was literally teeming with Microsoft-employee types, dressed in black, who were religiously nodding their heads to McCulloch’s exploding rhymes. But Innaway ripped the seams off Neumos midway through their set with “Vapour Trail” and “They are Night.”

Born from the kindling of myriad influences (Zeppelin and Floyd, Tortoise and Air), Innaway's ambient sound is delicately layered with guitar-based rock. The band has overtime built a devoted following and impressed club owners with their thick sound. Most recently the band has played with notable groups like Pinback, Blonde Redhead, Dios Malos and French Kicks.

For those of you who are fans of Pink Floyd's psychedelic rock, Radiohead's ambient/electronic atmospheres or Led Zeppelin's hippie boogie sound, then these classic rock-inspired gentlemen are right up your alley.

Ever-inspired to blaze his own trail, Schwartz offers fitting advice to young musicians: “Just play what you feel, and don’t fucking worry about what sells. That’s low integrity.”