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Jack Endino
Permanent Fatal Error
by Ashley Graham

Here at The Wig we love it when the goods come to us. We love it when that local act or that touring band happens to stumbled upon us and wants to get a review up of their latest effort. Sometimes we grimace through the tracks, grin and bare it and write the nicest thing imaginable. Sometimes we find gems like Maximo Park, and sometimes we make new friends like the boys in Key Note Speaker. And sometimes, just sometimes, Jack Endino writes to us, sends us his new album and we, in turn, crap our pants in excitement. We might be small and not as well established as we’d like (though really we kind of like it), but, dammit, if we’re on Jack Endino’s radar, well then that’s good enough for us.

What’s even better about this story is that we don’t have to dance around a mediocre album. Endino’s first solo record in 12 years,
Permanent Fatal Error, is a return to that crusty, hard-edged and unapologetic loud rock ‘n’ roll that spans generations and categorizations. The lyrics and vocals are secondary to that screeching, squealing guitar and we’re left at the end with a powerful knock upside the head. As a site that tries not to be as snooty as the rest of those indie lovers, and with a creator like myself, a former teen who was more concerned with what night Sammy Hagar was cutting his locks on Jay Leno than who the hell Conor Oberst or Ben Gibbard was, we’re in definite support of acts like Endino who still like to rock it.

There’s plenty of rock to be had on this album, and Endino’s just the man to deliver it. We all know that he knows what he’s doing, and it’s no surprise that
Permanent Fatal Error is a success because, well, there’s really no reason it wouldn’t be.

More information on Jack’s latest release can be found at his website,, Wondertaker’s,, or even MySpace,

(Oh, and apparently he played Seattle last night and we missed it. We feel stupid about this.)