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editor's note
James Blunt
February 4, 2008 - The Moore Theatre - Seattle, WA
by Dagmar Patterson

I am a longtime fan of Take That, Atomic Kitten and Gary Barlow. So before reading this just take that into account. I like British music, including British pop music. I make no secret of this.

James Blunt, well, call him treacly, call him whatever you want, but hes got some really lovely songs. I enjoy his voice and its flexibility. Its no accident hed work with the same people behind Elton John its then high praise to make the comparison. Hes a compelling storyteller. If you really listen to "High," you know its a drug song: "Promise me tomorrow starts with you/Getting high" this is my interpretation and "Annie" is just aggressively pointed, "But the walls came tumbling down, down. Will you go down on me?" Hes not going to mince words and yet hes got a disarming and pure presence onstage he reaches out with serious eye contact and leaped offstage to hug several audience members in what actually seemed spontaneous glee. Hes a well-built blue-eyed former British soldier and well . . . you want to be in his world. Open your mind.

"Goodbye My Lover" was tearily honest, "Wise Men" is always clever and of course there were the people who wanted to hear "Youre Beautiful" over and over, but best was "1973" off his new CD
All the Lost Souls. Its a wonderful pop song and dare I say it should be a proper classic. In my world it should be everywhere.

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