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editor's note
The Jennifer Echo
Be Dangerous on Rock Guitar
(Jumping Jupiter Records)
by Sara Huguenard

It is unfortunate that with all that this CD had going for it on the exterior that it fell so terribly far short of being something I would recommend--a distinctive band name, a lineup that includes some relatively established Northwest indie musicians and very cool cover art to boot. Unfortunately this is where the intrigue ends. The name of The Jennifer Echo’s first EP is “Be Dangerous on Rock Guitar.”  Contained within are four songs that in no way step up to that challenge.
I will admit that I am really starting to tire of the “Power” and “Pop” punk buzzwords. If the American public, on the whole, is no longer buying the product en masse, then WHY is it that there are still so many new bands trying to capitalize on this sound?  Is it because it is an easy way to get a foot in the door with the majors? Something that, with the right melody the kiddies will be guaranteed to gobble up?
The universe only needs one Newfound Glory, boys. And truthfully, it doesn’t take a whole lot to prove that you can pass that test. Go home, re-group and prepare for a full-length album that shows you truly can be dangerous on rock guitar.

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