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editor's note
Jennifer Glass
Little Shout
(Jennifer Glass)
by Sara Huguenard

It isn’t often these days that you come across a solo rock artist whose music commands you to sit up and take notice. Singer/songwriter Jennifer Glass’ powerful voice is not the only thing that defines her music, but it does just that. There isn’t anything all that new or fresh about Jennifer’s offerings--it is very straightforward pop/rock (and definitely is not to be confused with the Florida-based pop/disco artist of the same name)--but from the opening chords of “The One” I realized that I was in for something I had not heard from a female artist since I came across little-known songstress Jess Klein back in the young, uninhibited days of the phenom, Napster. 

Jess Klein is, of course, still largely unknown within the music industry, due in large part to the lack of wide-scale distribution. One can only hope that Ms. Glass will have the opportunity to reach beyond the “standard” hurdles with this six-song EP, maybe even opening the door for other such talents and in the process bring some credibility back to the female pop/rock genre.
Little Shout is available on iTunes, and has been well-received by consumers who have seen her live, so it’s a start. But like so many new indie artists today she will probably still have to rely heavily on her live performances and word-of-mouth advertising. The latter, of course, being where people like me provide a platform. If you have an affinity for singer/songwriters, strong female vocalists or really good rock, Jennifer Glass is definitely worth checking out. Go to her websites for a sampling of what this gifted artist has to offer.

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