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editor's note
John Biz
The Happiest Days of My Life
(Industrial Park Records)
by Betsy Ellison

When I was 12, my best friend and I formed a "band" that consisted of us singing along to Ace of Base songs (it was 1995, what can I say?). When John Biz was 12, he was fronting real bands with songs that he now says were heartfelt yet unrefined. He's come far since then. His album,
The Happiest Days of My Life, which was recorded with Steve Albini, is full of catchy hooks and great melodies. The main problem I had with this album is that it is really forgettable and easy to tune out. During the course of listening, instead of paying attention to what I was hearing, I was focusing on my plans for the next day. That is, until I got to track 7, "Low Tide." "Low Tide" is a calmer, quieter, more mellow song than the rest of the album, and it immediately captured my attention. However, after the 3 minutes and 27 seconds that it took to listen to the song, my mind started to wander again. I'm not saying that the entire album should sound like that one song, but "Low Tide" is far and away the best song on the album..

John Biz isn't going to be the "next big thing" and this album isn't anything that people will freak out about, but he will find his audience.