JP Corwyn
I Will Wait
by Devon McReynolds

Described as having influences from “the grunge of Layne Staley and Eddie Vedder to the R&B flavor of Stevie Wonder to the vocal theatrics of Jeff Buckley” by his promotional flyer, JP Corwyn combines these aspects blandly on his debut EP
I Will Wait.

The opening track “I Will Wait For You” utilizes 80s-inspired heavy metal drum beats and typical high-pitched electric guitars. The lyrics, which include “Must keep going, it’s all or none/ Miles still to go, well let them come,” are cheesy but they do set the tone for what the rest of the EP sounds like. “Too Much to Dream”, the second song, starts off better than the first track with some subtle acoustic guitar chords, but when Corwyn sings “I had a little too much to dream last night” over some “power chords,” I laughed out loud. Not only are the lyrics tacky, but the instrumentals are trite and sound extremely similar to all the other popular rock bands being played on the radio recently; Hoobastank, Trapt, and 3 Doors Down to name a few.   

Corwyn’s vocals are about an octave higher than former Creed singer Scott Stapp, and the likenesses between the two don’t end in the singing styles. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I had a feeling that Corwyn would be similar to Stapp because of the EP's cover art – a picture of Corwyn in a leather jacket with chest-length brown hair blowing in the wind across his face. If you are a Creed fan (I mean,
were a Creed fan), you should probably give Corwyn a listen because of his vocals, as well as for the image he produces while singing (standing on top of a cliff with an open shirt blowing off his chest, the wind tousling his hair).

Corwyn says that the connection between the audience and the performer is most inspirational to him and that “There’s no electricity to match the feeling when people are singing back your lyrics to you. In the end, that’s why I fight/hunt/sing/play/write/am.” If Corwyn wants to be a success, he needs to focus more on the sing/play/write aspects of his life and less on the fight/hunt.

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