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The Wig wholeheartedly recommends...

DAMIEN JURADO on Thursday!
by Katie Sauro

Notorious for his aversion to touring, lovable folk troubadour Damien Jurado will play a hometown show Thursday night in little ol’ Ballard.  He doesn’t seem to play in Seattle as often as he used to, which may be why his shows tend to be packed, although it is more likely Jurado’s acoustic tenacity and honest lyrics that draw the crowd.  In any case, look forward to an amazing show – they always are.

I’ve seen him several times, and with regard to set lists and song choices, it’s always a crapshoot.  At some shows, all the songs are familiar, but at others, you’ll hear new songs and old B-sides only the hardcore fans (and his wife) have ever heard.  Since it’s been over a year since Jurado’s last full-length,
On My Way to Absence, was released, we’ll most likely hear new unreleased songs, but hopefully he’ll throw in classics like “Ohio” and “Castles.”

Essential Info.
The Venue: Tractor Tavern
The Support: Mark Eitzel, the Soft Drugs (TW Walsh)
The Date: June 22
The Time: 8pm
The Price: $12 advance, $14 DOS
The Catch: 21+

DAME SATAN on Saturday!
by Ashley Graham

Can you say "new favorite San Fran band"? It's true these days my heart has been stolen by more than a couple San Francisco natives. Scissors for Lefty has been a favorite since they wove their way into my heart around this time last summer, while mainstreamers like Two Gallants and Rogue Wave remain an ever-strong presence. But, it was a sly little do-it-yourself-er band that recently won me over. On their full-length,
Giant Mansion, Dame Satan is quiet and unobtrusive, perfect for solitary sentiments and meandering minds. I love it when something great finds its way to me, and I've added Dame Satan to my list of trusted confidantes--I only wish I could make the show...

Essential Info.
The Venue: Dearborn House
The Support: The Waxfire, Chapin Sisters and Jen Grady
The Date: June 24
The Time: 5pm for more information

But don't miss...

FIGURINES - The Crocodile - June 19
Hot Danish lads who sound a bit Strokes-y? Perfection? Mhmmm.

SOUND TEAM - The Crocodile - June 20
It's been building and building, but it's high time Sound Team get the recognition they deserve.

RADIO 4 - Neumo's - June 20
Oh, it is just lovely seeing the little ones grow...