Kaiser Chiefs/The Organ/Mu Meson
March 12, 2005 - The Crocodile - Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

If you’re looking for the latest front man to swagger across the stage with that perfect combination of charm and charisma, your search may end with Ricky Wilson of Leeds, England’s Kaiser Chiefs.  You may not notice it in Wilson’s appearance, but the personality shines through when you see him in action.  He is kisses and smiles and comical facial expressions while taking pictures with fans in the bar before the show.  He is sneers and jumps and shifty eyes on stage.  And he is the dynamic force that makes the Kaiser Chiefs show worth seeing.

The rest of the members are by-the-book, but the music is the show’s other star besides Wilson.  Already recognized by more reputable sources like Rolling Stone magazine as an up-and-coming powerhouse, Kaiser Chiefs stand poised to impress with their debut album
Employment. The tracks are quick and catchy and the band’s live show, if not necessarily the songs themselves, is fresh and doesn’t yet scream “exhausted,” like so many of their peers’ do.

Kaiser Chiefs’ show is one that can be enjoyed by the unknowledgeable, casual attendee, as well as the repeat customer (take for example the girls in the front row who traveled from San Francisco for the show).  Kaiser Chiefs are new and exciting and may well be worthy of Rolling Stone’s “Hot List” ranking.  If their album is properly received, they could be a new one to watch out for.

As for the night’s openers; Mu Meson of Tri Cities, Washington were fun but the highlight of the pre-Chiefs show were the ladies in Vancouver, BC’s The Organ, an all-girl pop band whose vocalist, and ultimate star, seems to be trying for early era Morrissey-inspired vocals teamed with solemnity and a straight-faced delivery.  The girls could stand to crack smiles from time to time, but as is often the case with musicians, perhaps that’s just asking too much.
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