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editor's note
Kaiser Chiefs
Yours Truly, Angry Mob
by Adam Toth

Kaiser Chiefs keep getting closer to mastering the art of being a consistently catchy band. Fans of their debut album,
Employment, will notice a significant change in the Kaiser Chiefs’ follow-up album, but shouldn’t be disappointed.  Yours Truly, Angry Mob has just as many memorable rifts, just as much induced air-guitarring, and yes, just as many shallow lyrics. Kaiser Chiefs don’t necessarily specialize in their written lyrics, but it’s hard to find a catchy band that does. Unfortunately, many popular bands try to be too serious (i.e. Fall Out Boy and their pals) and don’t realize that they should just be what they are: a catchy, fun band. The Kaiser Chiefs just come on board with their catchy tunes, rock out, and have fun. It’s good stuff.

The single of the album, “Ruby,” comes to us immediately as the first track of the album. It’s a great song. I say that because I can’t string a better sentence right now due to “Ruby” constantly playing in my head. You’ll listen to it once, and it won’t go away for days. “Ruby” proves that even though the Kaiser Chiefs may be maturing, their music remains just as youthful and endearing. If you were a fan of Kiaser Chiefs last album, you’ll probably enjoy this one, but if you were looking for something completely different, I’d say you’re out of luck.

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