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Key Note Speaker/The Elephants
July 11, 2005 - Chop Suey - Seattle, WA
by Katie Sauro

A proclamation was handed down to the slowly gathering crowd at Chop Suey Monday night. 
"We're bringing the rock tonight," declared Scott Gallagher, without even trying to hide the joking smile on his face.  But all kidding aside, Gallagher, frontman for local newcomers Key Note Speaker, was not simply feigning bravado, nor was he simply trying to get a laugh.  The foursome backed up their claim with an intense, emotional set with songs ranging from hair-bandesque metal to power pop, and everything in between.  In short, they brought the rock.
The unquestionably talented band, made up of guitarist and lead singer Gallagher, Ed O'Brien on bass, Joe Couden on drums, and Chris Olson on keyboards, put on an incredible show, getting the work-weary crowd (it was Monday, after all) on their feet and dancing along.  Much of Key Note Speaker's success seemed to thrive on O’Brien and Couden’s pounding rhythm section.  The two ensured that every song, even the softer, slower ones, kept up the intensity and the power of the preceding tune, and really kept the audience engaged.  Along with Gallagher's passionate lyrics and smooth vocals and Olson’s pulsating rhythms, the band created a fun, energetic set of original rock.
Key Note Speaker played songs from their recently released debut album, entitled
Fiction, and even threw in a Tom Waits cover.  The boys seemed to enjoy their time in the spotlight.  They just couldn't help getting into their own songs and really having fun – smiling, joking, and rocking out with each other.  Olson even had to part with his Rivers Cuomo glasses for several songs so he could pound on the keys and dance freely without having to worry about them falling off. 

The other opening band was the Elephants, another relatively new group of local boys.  They were a cute and fun trio who were all remarkably talented, with each member, or Elephant, able to play each instrument.  Depending on the song, they would switch off on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and even lead vocal.  It was actually quite amazing.  Their set was comprised of their recently released debut album, with a little bit of rock, a little bit of electronica, and a whole hell of a lot of pure pop goodness.
Next up for Key Note Speaker is Saturday, July 23rd at the Mars Bar, and Thursday, August 11th at the Sunset Tavern.  The Elephants will be playing on Thursday, July 28th at the Comet Tavern, and on August 2nd at the Crocodile.