The Killers
Hot Fuss
review by Ashley Graham
There are a few songs on this album that you may very well adore; the intoxicating rhythms of "Smile Like You Mean It," the undeniably dance-y "Mr. Brightside" and "Somebody Told Me," and even for some reason the last track "Everything Will Be Alright."  The Killers are not a band to dislike.  But with that said, it is undeniable that theirs is a recycled and essentially useless contribution.  The Killers give the same impression as bands like stellastarr*, and that is that if they had put just a little more time into the creative process, they might have been great.

The Killers fall into the same unfortunate category as many of their peers, instead of using their apparent talents to create something new, they've chosen to make an album that sounds like it's been done by someone else who did it better.  Instead of creating the perfect combination of influences from the past couple decades, The Killers dwell in a sound straight from the eighties.  Bands who are able to take it one step further, who are able to warp that sound into a contemporary one, are who you should be listening to.  The Killers show signs of their own ability to do this, but in the end fall just short.

For your money, you're better off with something more original.  With a tiresome sound and mediocre first effort, The Killers' "Hot Fuss" just won't quite come through for you.
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