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Brian Kingston
Songwriters are Cowards
by Betsy Ellison

I've had a lot of bad luck with male singer-songwriters lately, so when I saw I had to review this CD I nearly cried. When I opened up his biography and saw that he had been compared to Billy Joel, I started planning how exactly I would bash this album. And then I put the CD in my CD player and actually listened to it. The first song on the album, "Turn it On," has great melodies. Kingston is a very talented pianist and has a really nice voice, and everything just comes together to make "Turn it On" very catchy and the best song on the album. Because the opening song is the best, it means the rest of the album has to go downhill a bit—and it does—but not very far. "Songwriters are Cowards," the fourth song, is probably the "worst,” but in this case I'd like to call it the "least best," as it's still pretty decent and it shouldn't be called the "worst" anything. He has a way of writing songs that get stuck in your head, but not in an annoying way like "What is Love?" or something like that. Singer-songwriters still aren't really my cup of tea, so I wouldn't necessarily buy his CD, but would I change the radio station if one of his songs were to come on? No. I recommend this CD if you're into John Mayer or Ben Folds. He's not quite up to par with those guys, but I think he will be soon.