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August 7, 2005 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
by Melissa Mueller

Limbeck and Koufax may have packed in a small audience full of kids too cool to dance, but the bands themselves more than made up for it with their energy.

“I know it’s Sunday and all but we came here to get our jam on!” lead singer Robb MacLean said before kicking into “Television,” quite the toe-tapper. The crowd seemed to warm up to the band’s great stage presence, but as the set went on all the upbeat songs blended in to each other with not one specifically standing out. The crowd seemed unsure of how to react to the band’s quirky but not-too-poppy tunes: Should they dance? Should they bob their heads in unison with the music? Nevertheless, Limbeck’s sound seemed to lean more towards adult contemporary, which may have turned off the dominantly younger crowd.

Koufax played next to the still motionless (and emotionless) crowd. Their infectious song, “Color Us Canadian” was a crowd pleaser, but the obvious highlight was the kickass cover of Joe Jackson’s “Steppin Out.” The cover elicited many cheers from the crowd, although it is doubtful that many of them even knew the song. The band made sure to give advice to the young kids, such as “Don’t get married in Germany!” before they kicked into “5 Years of Marriage.” But, even a vibrant band like Koufax couldn’t get the cool kids to dance.

Here’s hoping that at their next show the crowd won’t be so stoic and let the good tunes of Limbeck and Koufax move them to do something!