Ben Kweller
On My Way
Kweller's "On My Way" is marked by the classic progress that is a sophomore studio album.  While the songs are a bit more refined than those off his first release, "Sha Sha," Kweller maintains the simple boyish charm that his fans have come to expect.

Kweller moves from the upbeat confidence of "Hospital Bed" and "The Rules" to the vulnerability of tracks like "On My Way" with apparent ease.  Is Kweller a great songwriter?  Debateable.  But the emphasis with his albums seems to be on connecting to an audience and entertaining that audience, and he more than excels in that respect.

This music isn't for everyone, and if you can listen to "On My Way" in its entirety without singing along to at least one song, then maybe it isn't for you.  But it is for me, and that is what has easily made "On My Way" one of my favorites of 2004.
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review by Ashley Graham