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La Cha-Cha
April 15, 2006 - The Blvd. - Spokane, WA
by Ashley Graham

As the reviews editor of a Spokane publication, I try every time I'm back in the good ol' hometown to hit up a show. I want to support the scene that there is, with the secret hope in mind that I'll find something absolutely fantastic. Ultimately, though, there's always the same feeling at the end of the night: going to the local shows only really serves to underscore the problems that continue to plague each and every Spokane band and the scene as a whole. I can hear the locals say that music is thriving, and I can hear one or two or three good local bands (one of which was on this bill), but all I can ever really see for myself is a lack of support from audiences, and a resultingly floundering situation.

It was therefore to be expected, but still ultimately devastating, to see the drunkards applauding the laughably bad Coeur d'Alene band Melefluent and then talking over the top of La Cha-Cha, a band that is by comparison phenomenally talented (and not by comparison, because, really, that Melefluent was a stinker and one-upping them would be too easy).

Can we only sell music to a crowd in Spokane if it's accompanied by alcohol? Or are we not even selling music, but only alcohol? I'm not asking Spokane to be Seattle, or Portland, or wherever, I'm just hoping that deep down inside there are still people there who are interested in seeing the music scene thrive. Indifference and disinterest have always fucked Spokane up, and there's never been a need for it. Perhaps the local music is just a piece of the entire problem there, which is that not enough people give a damn about the shitty parts of the city to make any kind of changes—and the ones who do care can't get their act together long enough to make anything happen.

Uh—back to the music. La Cha-Cha's really good. I missed half of their set because A) my 22 year old friend had a curfew (WHAT?), and B) I was being bothered by a guy decked out in a hoodie that said "Church of Hate" (WHAT??). But, I've seen this band before and can say with confidence that it is one of two bands in Spokane that I think have any chance of doing anything, ever. Whether or not they choose to doesn't really make a difference because the potential is there, which just makes them all the more valuable in a place like Spokane.

If you can bear the Spokane "scene" then catch them at a show, or just make a better investment and buy their disc
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