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Le Severance
The Spectator
by Melissa Mueller

Seattle might not be familiar with the contagious groovy tunes of
The Spectator (not yet, anyway) but Ventura County 's own indie creation Le Severance has been making a mark on the Southern California music scene for quite some time. Formed in the fall of 2004, the band features seasoned musicians and lifelong friends Nathan Aylor on vocals, bassist Brandon Boll, with keyboardist (and occasional back up singer) Adrienne VanSchoonhoven and eventually adding drummer Danny Askar to the mix.

The Spectator
is an upbeat, half hour of catchy songs that begins with a 36 second introductory piece and, following the intro, bleeds into "Violins," quite possibly the most rockin' jam on the album. The repetitive chorus of "I'm all right if you're all right" is bound to stay in your heads for days. Without missing a beat, the drumbeats blend perfectly into the next track, "Bambino," a refreshing, humorous ode to shy, drunken love. Instrumental "Back to Gold" is a nice jam session while title track "The Spectator" highlights Adrienne's back up vocals. Although showcased throughout the album, its on this track where they truly shine through.

Fans of fellow indie rockers The Appleseed Cast, The Pale, and Longview will definitely appreciate
The Spectator, and even non-indie rock fans can enjoy the cheerful melodies that Le Sev has to offer.

Le Severance will be going on tour starting in September, starting in Arizona, and making waves through Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and several California locations. For the Seattleites, the band will be making a stop here at The Sunset on September 19.