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Living Things – April 16, 2006 – The Crocodile

by Ashley Graham

Having your album named in the top forty, top fifty, top whatever of a particular year by leading music magazines like Rolling Stone and SPIN ain’t no easy feat. Last year St. Louis tour de force Living Things made it happen. Three brothers and a pal, Living Things’ 2005 disc
Ahead of the Lions made waves with its garagey, rough-around-the-edges, grungey-yet-glammy appeal. A variety of “the” bands might come to mind—it’s kinda like The Libertines, except, well, not dead, and it’s kinda like The Vines, except, well, not dead (Oh wait! A new Vines disc, you say? It’s gotta be shite. Still dead!). Maybe it’s not like the “the”s after all, because really, ultimately, it doesn’t suck in the ways both of those bands, and their peers (save that one “the” band phenom The Strokes), have turned out to. Living Things’ live show has been said to stun, and a headlining gig at the Crocodile should be no exception. The four piece brings their “the” qualities and then some to Seattle on the 16th.

Look for a review and photos here at The Wig next week!

Essential Info.
The Venue: Crocodile Cafe
The Support: Diamond Nights, The Adored
The Date: April 16
The Time: 7pm (doors)
The Price: $10
The Catch: 21+