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There’s A Fire
by Ashley Graham

New Yorkers Longwave have never missed a beat in mixing the calm and the storm.  Their 2003 debut
The Strangest Things was a disc able to stand out from its Strokes and Interpol neighbors by being equal sonically-charged parts pop and rock.  They were easily grouped in with the New York movement, but didn’t necessarily belong there.  Now, as unrefined garage rock gives way to shiny pop, Longwave still has a place amongst the competition.

The sophomore album
There’s A Fire is a continuation of Longwave’s previous efforts. There is change but it’s not huge and the consistency works for them. Album opener “There’s A Fire” is one of the “louder” tracks on the album, but the eleven that follow it are still solid.  “Heart Attack” and “Underneath You Know the Names” will feel reminiscent of the Longwave you grew to love on Things, while “The Flood” shows new direction. Singer/guitarist Steve Schiltz’s vocals are further down in the music and the change that emerges is more a whole than individual parts. This is dreamy pop at its best.

Despite mishaps and losses within the band in the last year, the Longwave that recorded
Fire was strong and hopefully the band that takes it on the road will be able to maintain that.

There’s A Fire is out June 28 on RCA Records. For more info. head to