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The Lovekill
These Moments are Momentum
by Betsy Ellison

The Lovekill recorded this album in Omaha, Nebraska. Apparently, the reason the band really got down to business to record this album was because, as the lead singer says in their press release, "We were in fucking Nebraska." Now, as someone who hails from a state that borders Nebraska, and as someone who has, for some inexplicable reason, spent a lot of time in Omaha, I take a sort of strange offense to that. We can't all be from the fun mecca of Cleveland like The Lovekill.

That said, the album that was recorded in "fucking Nebraska" isn't good. It's an album that a 16-year-old who is just trying to get into music might enjoy, just as I was really into Anti-Flag when I was 16--not that these guys are half as talented as Anti-Flag (and it's kind of hard to be not half as talented as Anti-Flag). I can imagine a few years down the road, when the kids who liked this band when they were younger will look back and say, "Man, remember when we were 16 and liked The Lovekill? That was funny." The male vocalist spends all his time in a half-sing, half-scream state of being, which is even more annoying than full-on screaming. People who only go halfway won't cut it. The thing is, the band seems to have decent musicians in it, but they're using their talent for evil.