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Mahi Mahi
Move Your Body
by Melissa Mueller

After listening to
Move Your Body by Mahi Mahi, you might be compelled to do just that. With a sound that’s a cross between Fischerspooner and Ladytron, Move Your Body is an ode to 80s video game nostalgia, synthetic drums, and at times, even industrial music.

Mahi Mahi, from Providence, RI, has been called art rock, but this record leans towards a completely innovative and manufactured sound. 

With consistent beats that are certainly dance-worthy, the album’s high tech feel will catch on with fans of purely synthesized music. From industrial inspired “Daughter of Sam” to the robotic-like lyrics of “Stand Up and Walk,” the record is one non-stop dance party.

The album starts to lose its hook towards the end, as it becomes so processed that it almost becomes bland. Even catchy lines like, “Baby, please don’t go to the go-go show/I’ve been waiting all night and I still don’t know” can’t save the last few songs from mediocrity.

Nevertheless, fans of Fischerspooner and even The Faint should definitely give
Move Your Body a listen. If their album is any indication of their live show, Mahi Mahi is one not to miss.