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November 29, 2005 – The Fenix – Seattle, WA
by Melissa Mueller

Admittedly The Fenix in Pioneer Square isn’t always the best venue location for shows, but when LA’s Mardo graced the stage there, they put their best foot forward, and tried their hardest to rock out.

But sometimes even good attitudes can’t win over the audience. While the crowd was friendly and somewhat receptive, the band couldn’t quite get the place going.

Mardo’s self described rock/alternative music is one of those things you can tap your toes to, but not necessarily blare out your car stereo. Songs like “Anyone But Me” showcase the band’s energy while at the same time highlighting their rather trite lyrics. Maybe it’s the dull chorus “Yeah, oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah” that can’t really hook a listener in. Meanwhile, songs like “Poor Paul” fall right into suit, with the band shouting, familiarly enough, “Whoa, whoa, yeah yeah, yeah yeah” repeatedly.

However Mardo is no stranger to the music scene. According to their bio, they’ve toured along with bands such as REM, Violent Femmes, and The Raveonettes. Maybe they had an off night, but if their regular songs are any indication (shown on their website, Mardo is just another rock and roll band in a crowd of many others.