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April 26, 2006 – Hell's Kitchen – Tacoma, WA
by Nate Manning

"Dude, what the hell is that thing?" "Dunno, I think it's a theremin,"  two Tacoma "rockers" were overheard saying last Wednesday at Hell's Kitchen. The crowd was excited about the evening's bill—rock legends King's X were headlining—and any band that has to open for such a band is definitely not in an enviable position. But, Mardo are no run-of-the mill bill fillers. They unleashed a flurry of rock bombast and Stones-style swagger worthy of a headlining slot in any club on any night. Mardo is an interesting cocktail of influences—part glam, part Motown soul, part 70's stadium rock—and 100% a good time.

Back to the theremin. It might seem obvious to do so, but it would also be completely dismissive to put any sort of gimmick label on a band that uses a theremin—especially one like Mardo. After watching a few songs of their set, the audience began to "get it"—it’s all about the live performance. Someone would have to try REALLY hard to not have a good time when Mardo are in town.

At the end of the show I had a few minutes to talk with Aron (vox, bass) about their unique blend of influences and of course, the theremin. He told me that people often think he controls it (theremin) with his many rings or some sort of other "magical" means. "I'll vouch for that" he said "It's all magic!"

Magic or not, Mardo entertained and that's what it's about for these guys.

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