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editor's note
Matthew Winters
June 9, 2007 - CenterStage - Spokane, WA
by Ashley Graham

It’s irritating that Matthew Winters’ pants don’t reach his waist (we’re pretty sure they’re even too short). It’s irritating that he has multiple pictures of prepubescent girls holding signs of adoration on his MySpace page (really irritating). It’s irritating that he feels the need to be cutesy in any moment (balloons and stuffed animals are overkill, homeboy). These are all things, though, that we can rest assured he’ll look back on later and realize were unimportant.

Because in the end, Winters will probably win. In a music scene that really (really really fucking) excels at being a smidge above mediocrity (we love Spokane, but things are slipping back to crappy again on the quality side), Winters is an overachiever. He’s undoubtedly got the market on the weepy-boy-with-tight-pants-and-soulful-words shtick (at least partial shtick it’ll remain in these eyes because of those damn pants). “The Drunk Hounds”--and others--channel the Honorary Title catalog, with so much potential and just a twig or two too much Warped Tour-friendliness in the vocals. Winters has clearly got a loyal pack of followers. Is it outside-Spokane good? We’ll see what the future holds. In the here and now is Winters, guitar attached at hip, coy words and undeniable talent in tow.

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