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editor's note
Means to an End
. . . reaction
(Grindco Records)
by Adam Toth

I first picked up . . . reaction with a sense of curiosity. It's not often you get a professional athlete releasing an industrial-rock album. Well, let me correct myself, pro sports stars release music a lot, but it's not often that we as listeners actually come across it (sans Shaq). The reason these albums never make the mainstream is they're usually a pile of crap. But hear me out on this one . . .

Have you ever played a racing video game? Well, "Means to an End" seems like they'd be right at home in the background of one. Maybe this is my knowledge of Tony Dwyer (the frontman) being a BMX rider / NASCAR racer, but I can picture myself playing Motorstorm or some other rally type high octane racer with this music in the background. And I'm not being sarcastic; it perfectly fits that setting. Now would I have interest in listening to it at any other time?

In short: No.

I'm not much of an industrial rock enthusiast, so take my words with a grain of salt, but after reading the lyrics and listening through the album, this just won't interest the typical indie rock fan. With an exception of the rare case of a desire for throttling music in the background (i.e. racing), I don't see myself turning on this album again.

If you like industrial rock and/or NASCAR, give this a shot. If not, give it a pass.

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