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Megan Slankard
A Little Extra Sun
by Chris Mulally

The problem with Megan Slankardís new EP,
A Little Extra Sun, is not what is wrong with it, but what is right about it. Listening to it, you cannot find any reason why she is different than the rest of the garbage on once quality, now consolidated radio stations like 103.7 the Mountain. However, if you are looking for easy listening tunes, and you live in places like Kirkland, where your friends drive BMWs and you attend wine partiesóthis music could be right up your three-car-garage-ending driveway.

Slankardís voice is sweet, easy, and produced to perfection. The guitars are soothing. The drums are perfect pop.
A Little Extra Sun is just another plastic album from someone who didnít even write her own songs (Dire Straights co-founder David Knopfler co-wrote most).

Slankard has appeared numerous times on national television, with two of the Counting Crows former members, Steve Bowman (drummer), and Dan Vickrey (guitarist). To even think that these once innovative musicians that helped hone a raw, emotive Counting Crows sound would stoop to create such bubblegum-on-the shoe pop, is just disgusting, and proves that a lot of the music business still revolves around the holy dollar bill.

The only thing Slankard has going for her is her voice, that sounds like a mix between Alanis Morissette, but less provocative, with the rhythm of Ani DiFranco, without the progressive philosophy, and the soul of Patty Griffin, or at least, the soul-less-ness of Patty Griffin.