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editor's note
Melissa Ivey
Lovers and Stars
by Melissa Mueller

There is little doubt that Denver singer/songwriter Melissa Ivey is quite the accomplished musician. For 23 years old, this girl has put out four independent releases, including two live releases, and recently was awarded best singer/songwriter in the Denver Westwood Music Showcase.

Her just released EP,
Lovers and Stars, is her latest installment that showcases vocals that easily outshine all those other lackluster female singers on the mainstream radio (Yes, I’m talking about you Kelly Clarkson!). Ivey seems to be channeling KT Tunstall in second track “Eye on the Door.” But its not just her vocal talents that shine on this album, as Ivey has been playing the bass guitar for 10 years and the electric guitar since she was 14. Her guitar chops are quite evident in title track “Lovers and Stars” and in the ethereal “Everywhere and Nowhere.”

The upbeat, funkier, almost punk-driven “Far Far Away” is the one track on the EP that sticks out like a cold sore--it lacks the same rhythm as previous tracks and the repetitive and trite lyrics leave much to be desired: “Take me away/take me far far away/take me far far away.”

Given her style of music, Ivey seems to be made for adult contemporary music. Ivey’s fan base seems almost limited to fans of folk rock/acoustic rock, and currently she is only touring in the Colorado region.

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