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editor's note
A Very Old Interview with Mercir
but that don't mean we don't love ya!
by J. Doodle Lipscomb

Editor's Note: It's quite true we at the Wig haven't given enough space to local heroes Mercir. Aside from some Bumbershoot '05 mentions, in fact, we've given 'em nothin'! Shameful. Here is an interview that was conducted via email by a new gal with us at the Wig with the lovely Colin Johnson back in March, but given its content, we think it still gives some nice deets on the band. Truth is, we love Mercir, and here's to hopefully showing it a bit better in the future. ..

J. Doodle Lipscomb
: Describe the band in five words…
Colin Johnson: Accessible, Heartfelt, Experimental, Complex, Sparse

JDL: What’s your favourite periodical?
CJ: Currently….Beautiful Decay.

JDL: How did Mercir get started?
CJ: I moved up from LA and had produced electronic music and DJ’d in the LA rave scene. Zadok was formerly in a NW band called Fireball Brady and sketched out songs with his then-roommate Joel, who played keyboards, and together realized that they wanted to do something different with percussion. A mutual friend introduced me to Zadok and everything just seemed to click, two years later, Neal Vickers joined as his band, Mortimer, broke up. His stage presence and guitar technique has added much to the band.

JDL: How would you describe your musical style?
CJ: Indie-Electronic. We’ve been called “Electro-Mope” by some magazines. We like being hard to classify and describe, helps us feel like we’re truly onto something different. If one had to compare us to other bands I’d say we sound like a cross between The Postal Service, Sigur Ros, Gorillaz, and Depeche Mode.

JDL: Do you have a certain ritual that you do before each show?
CJ: As nervous little boys in men’s bodies, it does help to calm our nerves before hitting the stage. Actually, typical pre-show rituals include: soundcheck, dinner, a beer, a mixed drink, a prayer, an energy drink, and a huddle-up time.

JDL: What do you do to chill out after a night performing?
CJ: We’re all very different, Joel leaves and goes home soon thereafter. Zadok usually watches other bands if a band plays after us. Neal usually socializes with a friend, and I am usually the social butterfy, going all over the place. We take turns running the merch table so we can interact with fans.

JDL: Who are your musical heroes?
CJ: Beck, Bowie, Bjork, Bono.

JDL: What was the last CD you bought?
CJ: Goldfrapp’s Supernature & The Beta Band Best Of.

JDL: What makes you happy?
CJ: Wow, as a band, I’d say the knowledge that our music meant something special to someone--either that it helped them deal with problems or just that it connected to them on a deeper level. Obviously, encouraging words like “your music kicks ass” make us feel good, but we really do love hearing that lyrics or music inspired someone to view things in a new light. Pretty lofty goals, which may explain why we’re not always happy!

JDL: What makes you angry?
CJ: When people don’t listen to each other, are quick to judge and write someone off. We’re probably as guilty as anyone, so I guess you could frame the question, “What would you want to change about yourself?”

JDL: Tell us about your new projects…
CJ: We’re very happy with how our new EP, Windchimes & Landmines, turned out. The name refers to the variety of the music on the EP, it has moments of peace and calm, as well as moments of intensity. This dichotomy, I think, reflects us as people, so in a way you could say that this album is true to ourselves. As far as other projects are concerned, Neal hops on stage to play with a few other Seattle locals every once in awhile, as well as tours nationally with Shawn MacDonald.  I am in the formative stages of a dance-pop side project and DJ out at shows occasionally. Zadok hops onto various singer-songwriter bills and performs songs solo with a guitar. 

JDL: What are your plans for the future?
CJ: So much is up in the air for us though we do have a strong dedication to creating the music that we want to make. Ideally, we’ll all get to quit our day jobs to focus on the music fulltime, but until that day comes, we’ll continue to write music and develop a NW fan base. We do feel fortunate to have shared the stage with many good acts. All to say, we feel very hopeful about the future and appreciate all the friends and fun that have helped us get this far along.

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