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editor's note
Minutes Too Far
Let it Roll
(Band Recordings)
by Betsy Ellison

My favorite thing about this album is that all of the songs were mastered at a studio in my hometown, and seeing as that I don't even like my hometown, that's saying a lot about this album. I automatically recoil when I read press releases and see bands being compared to The All-American Rejects and Fallout Boy, and it's even worse when none of the songs on the album are half as catchy as anything by The All-American Rejects or Fallout Boy.

The weakest song on the track is "Rock N' Roll is Dead." Not only does the opening line make no grammatical sense ("I want it that way the way it was before it gone"), but...Rock and Roll isn't dead. Albums like this are like a bullet to the heart of Rock and Roll, but it's not dead. Actually, how does that quote go? "Punk died when the first kid said 'Punk's not Dead.'"

The music is basic pop-punk stuff, nothing new there, but the lyrics seem to bring new meaning to the word "bad." Hearing lyrics like "Uh-Huh, oh yeah, I like the way you bruise" and "We speak in different patterns/make sense but it don't matter" make me wish I was deaf.

I think what a lot of bands need to realize, including Minutes Too Far, is that just because you're into "contemporary pop-punk," as stated on their press release, that doesn't mean you need to form a band yourself. I mean, I'm really into watching baseball, but that doesn't mean I'm going to crash spring training next March and try out for the Yankees. But maybe I should--if these guys can get on any sort of record deal, I could make at least some sort of minor league team.