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Mono in VCF
The Voltage Control EP
by Melissa Mueller

Do you long for the days when The Cure was a constant on the airwaves? Do you love it when your favorite radio station plays flashbacks of the 80s?  If so, Seattle up-and-comers Mono in VCF are perfect for you.

With a sound like Echo and the Bunnymen, but vocals like Robert Smith, Mono in VCF’s
The Voltage Control EP is an homage to romantic art-rock. Listen to “Modern Nocturne” and you will hear lead singer Charles Perales’s lingering voice amidst ethereal keyboards.

Though the album has only four songs, each one will hook you in. It’s a perfect record to listen to on headphones while lamenting about a lost love. Described as creating a “stylish atmosphere” the band is a great find for fans of new wave and gothic yet pop inspired tunes. Even fans of hugely popular alternative bands like Radiohead, or even Portishead, will dig Mono in VCF’s poetic lyrics.

Though the band formed in 2003, they are just starting to get airplay on various radio stations throughout Washington and even some coverage in the UK. Not bad for a band fresh onto the scene!

Mono in VCF will play at Rendezvous in Seattle on June 13. The band’s official website is