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editor's note
No Go Know
No Go Know
by Julia Lipscomb

I received this album without knowing anything about the band or their sound. I opened the CD package and was immediately drawn to the liner notes that were typed via an old fashioned typewriter with the occasional overwrite. Being a sucker for any sheet of paper made grainy, creative and generally just sweet ‘n’ zine-like, I immediately regarded the band as innovated and promptly turned on the stereo. Receiving from the speakers was a quieted rhythm heightening the alienation of the echoed mantra, “I’m doing the best that I can,” finished by vocals strong enough to act weak once the words drained as if the person really is on the verge of a breakdown from striving perfection. This self-released, self-recorded EP leads you through the rock ‘n’ roll jamming of “Every Riot You Meet” as you conformists out there get “set to explode” to the quieted (and quite sultry) atmosphere of “Coming Up With The Bends.”

What is interesting about the lyrics (from staring at the beautiful typewriter liner notes again) is how there really are no written choruses. In its place are interludes bridging the verses together in a way that words could never define, let alone express. Only song that I noticed with a chorus is the up-tempo “We Discovered Water,” which is supported by the full band continuously following the intense riffs. The song is clean, optimistic, and guaranteed to have you humming along.

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