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editor's note
Now Itís Overhead
Dark Light Daybreak
(Saddle Creek)
by Adam Toth

I confess, I am a huge fan of Now Itís Overhead. I havenít been for long--maybe two years--but there is an immense amount of talent in this band, and itís a shame that they donít get the national credit that they deserve.

A few weeks ago, I was able to see them in Seattle with about twenty other fans. They put on an amazing show, despite the lack of attendance, and if you want to see how it went, the concert review is on this very website. With that said . .  .

If you have not started listening to Now Itís Overhead, now is the time to begin. Staying with the same sound, NIO--led by front man Andy Lemaster--delivers yet another solid album with
Dark Light Daybreak. A trait that makes Now Itís Overhead so special is their lack of a defining song. There is no single that everyone knows, there is no song that is different or better than all of the others; each song is as good as the next and each is performed with the same passion. This is what Dark Light Daybreak is like--each song is simply awesome.

I wish I could find a fault in this album, but honestly, in every way possible, this is a solid album, with each track being as impressive as the one preceding. Vocals, instruments, and sound quality--everythingís there.

Plus! If you have a computer--which if you donít, I suggest you getting--youíll get two mp3ís from pretty much EVERY Saddle Creek band! So by purchasing a kick ass album, youíll be getting a kick ass sampler for free (with bands such as Bright Eyes, The Faint, Cursive, and much more!). Got to love those indie labels, eh?

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