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editor's note
A Liarís Monologue
by Adam Toth

My first thought when listening to
A Liarís Monologue was ďAgcht!Ē Scared of making an improper diagnosis, I immediately ejected the disk and gave a week before reexamining. These were the results of my reexamination:

After a week of sinking back into the normal swing of things, and getting away from the pop/emo sound that I originally thought I had encountered, I decided to give Of Fate and Chance another chance. Unfortunately, the second time was no better than the first. Instead of enjoying the music, I started ranting to myself. Can somebody please tell bands out there that sounding and looking like thousands of other bands is not going to get them anywhere? Of Fate and Chance honestly feels like listening to every MTV emo band combined into one cliched mess. By the fourth song, I was already banging my head against the desk. It all sounds the same. The lyrics arenít interesting, the vocals are beyond bland; I donít see how anyone can be truly impressed by
A Liarís Monologue

These words may sound a little harsh at first, but the problem is that Of Fate and Chance honestly has nothing that separates them from the five other bands that will be playing for the respect of your local high school. Everything is so cliche. From what seem to be tacky metaphorical suicidal lyrics (ďwith a thousand watt thoughts of you -- you've shown me -- how to turn on this generator -- without cutting myselfĒ), to the name thatís supposed to have a deep meaning that will touch everyoneís heart, and even to the t-shirt style that the band offers on Myspace; itís all been said and all been done. Oh, and did I mention the music as well? Where is the interesting sound that divides them from the rest of the pack? Well, itís not there, hence the disappointment of this album. I truthfully wish I could promote something about this band or album, but I was bored senseless from every second of it. I guess I will promote one thing: you can find the entire album on (minus the intro track), so that you donít have to spend any money on this album.

And I take that previous comment back, there was one high note on this album. The intro song is actually pretty cool. I thought I was about to enter some crazy tripped up sci-fi futuristic middle-ages, and was getting nice and motivated for the next seven songs on the album. But then the dreadful happened, and iTunes skipped to the next song on the disc. Lo and behold, it was nothing more than the dreaded sound of a dragging voice with absolutely no originality. Of Fate and Chance, you literally froze me with silence.

You may take some interest in this CD if you like the music that is already crowding the airwaves and battle of the bands contests, but if youíre looking for something original, exciting, and innovative -- look further, because
A Liarís Monologue is not for you.

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