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OK Go/Plain White Ts
February 25, 2006 – Neumos – Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

Throughout the course of OK Go’s 45 minute set, about five different ways to start this review ran through my head. The most popular of those (and by popular, I mean the one I’d settled on by set’s end) was a discussion of the Seattle trivia lead singer Damian Kulash shared with his audience and the disappointing applause his comment “And, of all the major cities in the U.S., you’re the whitest!” received. Another beginning involved the ever-rotating backdrop to the band’s set—a slide show of various fabrics and designs that served to annoyingly underscore the point that OK Go has amped up their image since back in the days of white t-shirts and “Get Over It.”

But then the set ended and everything changed.

Kulash started in on what seemed a mindless diatribe on salt, stating that as a youth he’d thought salt a flavor all its own, before finding out that salt was used instead to enhance the flavor of other foods. Boring, yes, so it started out, but give him time to make his point. “This now is the salt of the set, then,” he continued. “So if you thought the set was good, you’re going to think this is really good. And if you thought the set was bad, you’re going to think this is really fucking awful.”

The audience had been mixed about OK Go throughout their set, though, so it seemed this, whatever “this” was to be, could be questionably received. “We’re going to have you listen to our new single ‘A Million Ways,’” Kulash said. The four members of the group aligned themselves in the center of the stage and stared straight ahead. As the music came on they launched into a choreographed, well-rehearsed dance routine that’d put lame ass boy bands to shame.

So my way of beginning, now ending, this review became this: OK Go now holds the title of being just about the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen on stage.

If you’ve not yet caught them on this gigantic tour with Motion City Soundtrack, I might have just ruined the surprise of this event, but rest assured actually seeing it is still well-worth the ticket price.

(And I still really fucking love Plain White Ts.)