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Oval Opus
Oval Opus
by Betsy Ellison

Oval Opus, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, released their self-titled album on January 10. They've won a lot of local awards and have quite the Midwestern following, having opened for the likes of Jason Mraz, Maroon 5 and O.A.R. Then again, Cincinnati has never been known for it's music scene, so I doubt these guys had much competition for those awards. They remind me a lot of Blues Traveler, but without the added bonus of John Popper dancing around in his harmonica-laden vest. The problem with these guys is that all of their songs sound the same. I was unable to differentiate between most of the songs on the album, and it was only when I looked up and noticed that the CD was on track four that I realized it wasn't just one incredibly long opening song. They're talented musicians, sure, but they're not utilizing their talents in a proper way. They'll need to find a fresher sound if they really want to go somewhere, as they're not doing anything new. I've heard this same band five billion times, and I don't need to hear them again. The only thing this CD succeeds in doing is being unmemorable in every way possible.