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editor's note
Peter Walker / Division Day
December 5, 2006 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

We’re still pretty bummed that La Rocca won’t be making this gig (shit was stolen, appearances were cancelled, sadly, you know the score all too well). In their absence, though, is LA-based Division Day, a band we know for fact doesn’t have enough of a Seattle following (remember when we booked them in September with Birdmonster and nobody showed? You don’t? Ohhh that’s right, you weren’t there. We hold no grudges, don’t fret.) They’re a good, solid group of dudes who, on their last Northwest trip, managed to get arrested in Spokane for something stupid. I’m not sure if that makes them interesting or annoying, but maybe you can let us know.

LA-based, Dangerbird-signed Peter Walker is the more exciting of the two (and for that matter, of the five, as we’ve absolutely NO experience with the three Seattle bands sharing the night--Argo, Boss Tweeter and Estocar). Walker’s maybe an LA version of what we in the Northwest have in folks like Rocky Votolato. He’s an accessible, comfortable, predictable but welcoming singer/songwriter with musical chops that get us past the boring guitar strumming for a few tunes that are git-down rockin’. We’re fans, and we think you’ll like. 

(Melissa will report back on the show next week, and hopefully include lots of annoying parentheticals.)

Essential Info.
The Venue: El Corazon
The Support: Argo, Boss Tweeter, Estocar
The Date: December 5
The Time: 7pm doors
The Price: $8 advance, $10 day of