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The Pharmacy / Dashel Schueler
June 29, 2006 - Mootsy's - Spokane, WA
by Ashley Graham

With songs, energy and sound (shit!) to spare, Seattle's The Pharmacy taught Spokane who's boss by exposing the masses (respectably sized for a Thursday night at some dive in downtown Spokaloo) to their quirky, crazy and ultimately amazingly fun electro punk. The scenesters were dancing their heads off while the resident drunkards looked on, dumbfounded. Not everyone is going to "get" the Pharmacy’s greatness--but fuck them. These boys are some of Seattle's most refreshing. They don't have their heads up their asses like a lot of the pompous, successful acts over that way, and they have something to offer that isn't tired or recycled like so many of their peers. This is just fucking insanely good shit.

Things didn't start out so wild and crazy--in a good way. Fellow Seattleite Dashel Schueler (who shares bill at Don't Stop Believin' Records--best name ever--with the Pharmacy) was perfection incarnate with his charming folk tunes. Dashel and sidekick Kailey are an adorable duo, and, though they had to deal with a fellow that was "trouble," they soldiered on and offered up a refreshing set of music rarely heard in these parts. Completely enjoyable, much like the night as a whole.

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