Plastic Parachute
Reducing the Risk of Injury
review by Melissa Mueller
No, that’s not Gwen Stefani’s poppy vocals you’re hearing on the upbeat track “Injury” by the band Plastic Parachute. Although it’s easy to make that mistake. Described as “explosive female rock” lead singer Deb Hooks sings her way through emo-inspired tunes that fans of Saves the Day could appreciate.

“Beautiful” (it’s not a Christina Aguilera cover, I promise!) is a stand out song, as Hooks sings and pouts through catchy guitar hooks. Though Hooks really does invoke Stefani in this song, the infectious “Burn” shows she is capable of making her voice unique.

The band can be heard on this release, as well as their self-titled album and at upcoming shows in Denver, CO on January 14 and Dallas, TX on February 20.

Check out more on Plastic Parachute at their official website: or their MySpace profile:
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