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Puffy AmiYumi
November 13, 2007 - The Moore Theater - Seattle, WA
review and photos by Nate Manning

So letís get this out of the way upfront--Puffy AmiYumi is not normally the kind of music I/we review. Puffy AmiYumi is an empire--no two ways about it. Theyíve had a cartoon series in Japan AND the US, theme songs for other cartoons, legions of fans showing up for stadium shows in Japan, and enough merchandise to make KISS jealous. So, when I had the chance to see their recent show at The Moore in Seattle, I definitely expected a night of pre-packaged pop, backing tracks, and more teens in anime clothes than one could shake the imaginary stick at. But, a lesson was learned--even if all that were true--could a rock fan still have a good time? Well, I did.

Puffy AmiYumi played with a real band--a really good one at that--with guitar solos!

The audience was VERY diverse--there were the teenage J-Pop fans of course, but also kids--presumably fans of their US cartoon series "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi"--but also people I would bet dollars to donuts Iíve seen at rock shows.

The show did drag a bit in the middle when Ami began introducing the band, and then went around the stage again coming up with nicknames for each member and seeing if the audience could pronounce it correctly in Japanese. They chatted with the audience a few times and even made light of the fact that they have what they want to say written on a pad and read it like a script--being they are from Japan and English isnít their first language.

Overall it was a great show. The Moore is a seated venue, and Puffy AmiYumi had people standing AND dancing from the first song to the last.

So what was the lesson? See a band you normally wouldnít listen to--you just might be surprised.

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