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Rachael Petit
Wilted Flowers
by Karla Ash

Rachael Petit’s
Wilted Flowers ( is a surprisingly accessible Christian album. It’s not that spiritual LPs are too noisy or unmelodic for mass or at least secular consumption. But Wilted Flowers has an ability to reach out to people who’ve never been to church or have no intentions of going to one. Credit must go to the crisp musicianship on the album and the songs’ stellar hooks. “Letters” is certainly far catchier than anything Sheryl Crow has done in the last decade. Petit’s voice, too, is refreshing when so many girls her age are trying to match the rage of their male peers.

While the number of acoustic albums has reached beyond the point of saturation,
Wilted Flowers separates itself from the competition mostly through its songwriting. These are well-written tracks that sing about the rain before the sunshine sets in. There’s regret and confusion here, not just words of love to God.